At PCOM, we are distinguished by our spirit of collegiality and camaraderie, rather than competitiveness.

Ours is a culture of caring support that encourages friendly interaction among all who study and work here – students, staff, faculty and administration.

We are not only a close-knit community, but an active one as well. Our students are involved in a variety of co-curricular activities – including student government, special interest clubs, professional organizations, athletic clubs and more – that help to develop friendships and leadership skills outside the classroom.

PCOM students are also very committed to community service. Those who embrace the osteopathic philosophy are often drawn to service, and you’ll frequently find our students participating in blood drives, fundraising events, medical mission trips, and free health screenings in community locations and PCOM Healthcare Centers.

At PCOM, you’ll receive a well-rounded education, one that will help you to succeed professionally, and one that will create bonds that will endure long after graduation.